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Microdrones Having Major Impact on Construction Sites

image of Microdrones Informs Construction Management
Microdrones Informs Construction Management

Inside Unmanned Systems recently featured a special issue on drones and data on the construction job site, an industry where Microdrones is making a big impact. The full article is available here and you can read how data from Microdrones is making contributions to the construction sector below.

As seen in the August/September issue of Inside Unmanned Systems.

Windover Construction recently took on a modular prefabrication project for Phillips Exeter Academy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to build temporary dorms so students at the New Hampshire school could return safely. With drone fast-track Building Information Modeling (BIM) reality capture, the Windover team streamlined the decision-making process and schedule.

In just a few hours, the Beverly, Massachusetts, construction management company captured detailed site topography and created a 3D model of the site, said Amr Raafat, vice president of VDC and technology. Combining Microdrones mapping technology with Autodesk software BIM workflow provided modular boxes and created animations, both Windover specialties, to expedite on-site construction coordination, unit layout and underground utilities planning.

This represents just one of the many types of projects Windover, and construction companies everywhere, have completed using data collected via drone. These opportunities continue to expand as software advances and the ability to integrate drone data into traditional workflows becomes more streamlined.

“The whole vision is to employ today’s technology to offer real-time solutions for challenges on sites to make the team more efficient. When looking at drones, we wanted to not do just pictures or videos; we wanted to embed into the BIM workflow by capturing high-res 3D models and volumetric information we can share visually,” Raafat said. “The biggest thing is to analyze the data and make it useful for our teams, so when we look at it, we get what we need to apply it in the field.”

Site monitoring, volumetric stockpile measurements and clash detection are examples of how construction sites leverage drone data. What’s collected is converted into surface meshes, 3D models, orthomosiac maps and other outputs that improve communication and reduce paperwork, long a burden in the industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies also play a part, allowing for more sophistication.

While gaining access to data is key, quickly turning it into valuable assets is the secret sauce that’s transforming drones into a must-have technology on construction sites.

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