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3D scanning technology allows non-contact scanning of objects for unprecedented data collection, analysis, and modeling. 3D models created this way are valuable at every stage of the design and build process and they have become a staple in additive manufacturing or 3D printing. As 3D printing transforms global industry at every scale, there has never been a better time for engineers, industrial and metrology professionals to be competitive in the area of 3D scanning, a multibillion-dollar market that continues to grow.

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3D Scanning Technology for Advanced Manufacturing, Design, and Construction’ , co-authored by Gary Confalone, John Smits, and Thomas Kinnare, provides a comprehensive introduction to 3D scanning and its applications in both the AEC and manufacturing industries. After establishing the history and basic principles of 3D scanning, it includes discussions of the various scanner types and software interfaces, the use of 3D point clouds for analysis and reverse engineering, and much more. It covers the full range of technology and processes that engineers, architects, and manufacturing professionals use to increase accuracy and quality while reducing project timelines.

Readers of ‘3D Scanning Technology for Advanced Manufacturing, Design, and Construction’ will also find:

– Case studies that highlight techniques useful for specific real-world applications

– Comparisons of various scanning devices and software that aid in choosing the proper technologies for a specific project

– Resources and references for online learning, organizations, and certifications

Perfect for engineers, technicians, students, and industry professionals new to laser scanning, ‘3D Scanning Technology for Advanced Manufacturing, Design, and Construction’ will earn its place in libraries of technical, vocational, and continuing education audiences seeking to improve their knowledge of 3D scanning.

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