MelaFind – Skin Cancer Breakthrough

  1. Electro Optical Sciences is using multispectral scanning and analysis to much more accurately identify possible melanoma sites.
  2. The MelaFind system includes the ability to compare the problem area with a known database of 9,000 biopsied lesions.
  3. This is an important example of the much larger potential application of scanning technology. 


Over the weekend I caught the end of a very optimistic news story about a new system for classifying skin lesions as being either benign or some form of melanoma. My wife thought that she had heard that scanning was involved. A quick search finds that Electro Optical Sciences – EOS has developed  what seems to be a very important step forward in the much more accurate diagnosis of skin cancer. It is based on the use of multispectral imaging and analysis, not laser scanning, but I still think it is worth a post as an example of much broader use of remote sensing technology.

The MelaFind system consists of the multispectral camera system as well as the proprietary software and database of known melanoma lesions. EOS claims that they have approximately 9,000 biopsied lesions in the database. They note that this is the largest database of its kind in the world. They use a combination of multispectral analysis and pattern recognition algorithms to compare the suspected lesion with their database of known skin cancers to make a much more educated decision as to whether it is melanoma. The FDA is so impressed with the results that they are accelerating the approval process.

Congratulations to all those involved. Where else can scanning technology be much more widely applied?

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