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  1. Michael Raphael and his talented team at Direct Dimensions are in the national news again.
  2. The Direct Dimensions e-newsletter is a must read.
  3. The Direct Dimensions team helped surgeons to rebuild an Iraq war vet’s nose.

Michael Raphael and his talented team at Direct Dimensions have made the national news again -this time by helping an Iraq war vet to gain back his self confidence, and more importantly his anonymity. For those of you who don’t receive the Direct Dimensions e-newsletter, you really need to subscribe. I think it is one of the most informative and high quality e-newsletters in the entire technology world, not just laser scanning. The graphics and layout are superb.

The latest issue features a number of cool stories, but the one that really grabs you is on the support that Direct Dimensions gave to a group of surgeons that were reconstructing the nose of an injured Iraq war vet – incredible stuff all the way around. This really demonstrates the range of possibilities for 3D imaging and the tremendous good that it can do for society.

I notice that Direct Dimensions has been named to the Inc. magazine 5000 for fastest growing private companies in the US – well deserved. In case you think this might be an overnight success story, Michael has been leading Direct Dimensions for 15 years. He was one of the early pioneers.

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