Mapping the Green Infrastructure at UVM with LiDAR

  1. I want to highlight a presentation that Jarlath O’Neil Dunne at UVM SAL has posted on his blog.
  2. This was from the 2009 eCognition User Summit where he demonstrated the power of  the Definiens software.
  3. The enterprise scale and object-based image analysis approach are the keys to success.

I borrowed most of the title for today from an early supporter of this blog Jarlath O’Neil Dunne, who is the head of the Spatial Analysis Lab at the University of Vermont. On this blog he provides a Camtasia-based presentation of a talk that he gave at the 2009 eCognition User Summit. I want to be sure that this information gets as widely distributed as possible because of the importance of the work that Jarlath is doing in the automated feature extraction area.

I will leave it to you to read his post and watch the presentation, but through the use of eCognition from Definiens, which I have noted a couple of times, Jarlath was able to create an accurate land cover map for an entire county using NAIP imagery and LIDAR data not specifically purposed for this project. He notes the enterprise scale of the Definiens solution, the object-based image analysis approach and the fact that on a related product he created the results in 8 minutes vs. 36 hours for ArcGIS before it crashed – ouch.

Thanks for sharing this Jarlath.

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