Mapping Fault Lines in New Zealand

faultAs you can see in the above photo the fault is quite visible in this area of New Zealand, but to fully map the area lidar is being used to gain a much more detailed understanding.

GNS Science earthquake geologist Robert Langridge said he and geomorphologist William Ries wrote the report to inform decisions on where to subdivide and build residential developments.

“Geologists have known for a long time the Wairau Fault was running along the Wairau Valley and out to sea near the Wairau Diversion. So with the advent and availability of LiDAR, we are able to make very detailed maps,” Langridge said.

The council, EQC and the University of Southern California made results of various laser surveys available for the GNS study.

The technology, known as LiDAR, created a 3D digital surface model of the Wairau Valley landscape with a laser scanner attached to an aircraft, Langridge said.

Langridge and Ries mapped the geological makeup of the ground underneath grass and trees, to find how the ground had shifted from tectonic activity over thousands of years.


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