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Mapping Beer Caves

For all the beer lovers out there it sounds like lidar is going to be used to decide how best to seal up what used to be underground caves that were used to keep beer cold in the 1800’s.

On Friday, Iowa DOT archaeologist Brennan Dolan will visit the site where a bridge inspector last July discovered an 18-inch-wide sinkhole along the Seventh and Eighth street access ramps to I-380. Further investigation revealed that below were beer caves — subterranean rooms used for cooling and aging beer before refrigeration — connected to two breweries from the 1800’s that have been demolished.

A DOT group will use LiDAR, a remote sensing tool, to measure the volume of the void below and create a detailed map assessing attributes such as craftsmanship and materials used in constructing the caves.

Thanks to Bill Gutelius for the bottoms up tip.

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