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Managing Building Assets in 3D

Holograph of Managing Building Assets in 3D
Managing Building Assets in 3D

MnDOT owns and maintains approximately 900 buildings across Minnesota, and the Building Services Section is responsible for planning repairs, renovations or expansions. Architects, engineers and other specialists involved in these activities require data regarding building and site conditions. Collecting this data is often a multidisciplinary and laborious effort that can be time-consuming and expensive. Alternative technologies, however, can gather and process large amounts of accurate information more comprehensively, safely and cost-effectively. This research was conducted to better understand how reality capture and modeling can assist in managing building assets.

From the MNDOT Research Blog.

With reality modeling, which uses aerial imagery or photographs processed into 3D models, one person can quickly collect a large amount of data. Similarly, 360-degree scanning uses high-definition cameras to capture a space in digital 3D. Using these tools and post-processing software, asset management staff can model and analyze an entire building—interior and exterior—for a variety of purposes.

Remote data collection could eliminate the need for multiple staff and site visits to collect measurements and other information, resulting in substantial cost savings, improved safety and more accurate data. MnDOT saw this potential and wanted to better understand the possible uses and benefits of scanning and reality modeling technologies.
What Was Our Goal?

The goal of this project was to explore cost-effective and easily implemented methods to collect, process and share site and building data with imaging and scanning technology.
What Did We Implement?

Previous research reviewed existing scanning and associated technologies, and identified the agencies using these technologies for inspecting and documenting building sites. Although that effort found few state transportation agencies currently using the technology for building asset management, many agencies are interested in applying it to maintenance, repairs and renovations. The compendium of technologies and evidence of private sector uses provided a foundation from which to test the tools on several MnDOT building sites.

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