Making the Digital World Real

I thought Ken Mooyman, NAFTA CEO had the most informative keynote. He provided real world examples of the integration that customers are creating between Geosystems hardware, Intergraph software, MicroSurvey and more.

In an interview with Ken, he noted that customers are finding their own workflow integration. By bringing the players under one corporate umbrella customers are being exposed to new synergistic products. Ken calls it the Hexagon Advantage.

Juergen Dold introduced the idea of “dynamic GIS” and “dynamic plant management”. In the first case it is survey sensors with real time data connections to GeoMedia and in the second it is survey sensors connected to Smart Plant 3D. Both are powerful concepts. One of the themes he stressed was making the digital world real – an important vision for the future.

I had a chance to speak with the President of the Tools Division – Anton Kehl who was the person who pushed for the new ICON – Intelligent Construction solutions, and I do mean solutions, not just hardware. Look for more of this kind of systems integration approach.

These may seem like small steps, but I think they are very important. There is definitely progress being made on the integration front. I believe that this is translating into increased sales. It all seems very positive.


  • Hi Gene

    I think all of the keynotes were very inspiring- I personally found the Metrology piece very useful (knowing that a stent in someone’s heart may have been checked by a product from us very reassuring!) and also Ola/Juergen sharing workflow improvements leading to better availabilty of ‘actionable’ information very exciting and important. Ken’s speech was excellent. Can’t wait to see all those trees captured in Canada – and managed in Zeno GIS/Geomedia:)

    This piece on “Dynamic Plant Management” echoes the point above on the Hex Advantage ( – now when you have an Owner/Operator equipped with a Laser Scanner plus various types of intelligent software – you can see how improved availability and integration makes it possible to manage the entire life cycle of a facility possible (from pre-design to decomissioning!) and not just when you HAVE to scan it…

    My biggest takeaway was reduction of processing times and improvement of workflow – compressing the cycle/time between raw data collection to actionable intelligence. The example and metrics that Juergen shared on airborne was most clear – we can survey a country, process and deliver this data on-line faster than the data gets shipped by FEDEX – impressive!).

    Challenge for our industry collectively is to adjust our commercial models such that end users do not pay for two hours of our time for the same work we did requiring two years before 🙂

    Back to bed !

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