Lufthansa and DJI Sign Deal To Develop Commercial Drones

luftThis is the first time I have seen a major airline announce their involvement with drones. In this case its Lufthansa Aerial Services and DJI teaming up on a wide range of potential services. In addition to inspection of infrastructure, such as wind turbines this article also indicates they are looking at inspecting runways and railroads.

If you are not familiar with DJI they are a Chinese company that is the world leader in the sale of drones.

A sister company that specializes in maintenance, Lufthansa Technik, is trying out drones for inspecting aircraft exteriors. Lufthansa also says it envisions a “one-stop UAV-shop” providing services through its consulting arm, drone pilot training with its flight training company, “or even the provision of drone insurance solutions through Delvag, Lufthansa’s in-house insurer.”

Thanks to Bill Gutelius for the tip.

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