Lower Cost Flash Lidar

I have been tracking the progress of flash lidar with Tom Laux for a number of years. Here’s the latest news:

Advanced Scientific Concepts’ Peregrine 3D Flash LIDAR Vision System weighs in at 1 pound (445 grams), has no moving parts, is a 3D staring array [i.e., not a scanning device], time-of-flight LIDAR vision system that uses a Class I laser to illuminate the area in the camera’s field-of-view.

Reflected laser light creates 3D point clouds of range and co-registered intensity data from a single laser pulse per frame for instant streaming from ASC’s patented 3D focal plane. Available as 64×32 [2,048] or 128×32 [4,096] pixel aspect ratios cameras, various fields of view lenses are designed or provided to meet application requirements.

Tom reports that they have done shock, vibration and “life” testing of the units and are seeing in excess of 400m shots on the lasers (the critical component).  We’re expecting the new one will settle in at over 1B shots (that’s about 10k hours operation at 30Hz).

Price is in the $50k range. This is the future.

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