Low Cost, Solid-State Lidar

nvidiaDelphi Automotive Systems, working with a Silicon Valley startup, Quanergy says it plans to bring a new, solid-state lidar system for self-driving cars to market for less than $1,000 per car.

Current lidar systems use individual laser emitters and receiver components that spin or are swept across a field of view, says Delphi. A solid-state lidar system uses tiny mirrors on an integrated circuit to scan in every direction and create a 3-D image around the car, Owens said.

A silicon chip is scalable and less expensive to produce, and it’s more robust and reliable because there are no moving mechanical parts, according to Delphi.

This year, Delphi tested a self-driving car, traveling from California to New York, and concluded that cameras and radar won’t be enough to ensure 100 percent safety.

“We found as we looked at the data that lidar is going to be instrumental, we think, to fully automated future vehicles,” Owens said this month on the sidelines of an industry conference here.

That sounds positive.

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