2016_Symposium_Landscape300pxwideJohn Russo, the founder 0f Architectural Resource Consultants (ARC) has been performing building documentation services for nearly twenty years.  He notes, “Over time I have come to realize that most clients don’t know how to write a Request for Proposal (RFP), or properly specify the services they are requesting.”

He continued, “Most of the time when I’ve run into trouble with an unmet expectation on a project it can be traced back to a poorly defined Level of Accuracy (LOA) or Level of Development (LOD) specification.  Because of this, to reduce my risk, I am now incorporating the U.S. Institute of Building Documentation’s (USIBD) LOA Spec and the BIM Forum’s LOD Spec into my proposals whenever a proper LOA or LOD specification is not present.”

The full article can be found on the Lidar News website.


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