Lincoln Monument to be Digitally Preserved

DJS Associates is donating its services in collaboration with an Oakland, Calif., nonprofit  CyArk to scan the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. It will share that information with the National Park Service, which can use the model for reference and make it available to the public. CyArk has committed to digitally preserving 500 cultural heritage sites over the next five years, including a scan of Mount Rushmore, which it has already completed.

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3 Responses to Lincoln Monument to be Digitally Preserved

  1. Curious to know what making “it available to the public” will mean in practice given my earlier expericence with CyArk’s only seemingly open data sharing policies … (-:

  2. I agree Martin. Kudos to The Smithsonian for making public what already belongs to the public.

    By the way, since we already scanned the Lincoln Memorial including Abe in the chair, I think I’ll make this data public. Watch for that.

    More at:

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