LiDAR Used in the Philippines for Flood Mapping

The Philippine Information Agency reports that LiDAR was flown over a flood prone area in Maguindanao province and Cotabato City. Dr. Zenaida Hadji Raof-Laidan, regional director of the Department of Science and Technology said the project, which uses state-of the-art Light Detection and Ranging Instruments (LiDAR), is a collaboration between DOST and the University of the Philippines.

By employing the LiDAR technology, 3D datasets will be created to be used as basis for reliable, detailed and up-to-date flood hazard models for the country’s 18 major river basins and watersheds, and subsequently, for all flood-beleaguered areas in the country.

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  1. Alex Beattie says:

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    Please could you let me know where I will be able to access flood map for the Philippines?

    Many thanks

    Alex Beattie

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