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Lidar Simulation Model for Omniverse

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Cepton, Inc. a Silicon Valley innovator and leader in high-performance lidar solutions, announced today that it is collaborating with NVIDIA to integrate its Vista-X120 Plus lidar into DRIVE Sim, resulting in an end-to-end lidar simulation platform built on Omniverse.

As a member of the Omniverse ecosystem, Cepton’s announcement builds on previous integrations of its automotive lidar models for developing and testing autonomous driving algorithms, sensors and software. Using models of its Nova and Vista-X90 lidars, Cepton was one of the first lidar companies to showcase a 360°-coverage, dual-range lidar simulation, enabling both near-range blind spot elimination and long-range obstacle detection.

Now, with the addition of the Vista-X120 Plus model, Cepton is providing automakers and AV developers access to simulated sensor data from this award-winning adaptive lidar for use in their technology development. The showcased video features simulated point clouds generated from a Vista-X120 Plus sensor integrated into the roof of the ego vehicle. The model can also be configured to visualize the sensor’s performance based on placement.

In addition to Vista-X120 Plus’ ultra-high resolution and long range, the Omniverse integration also features a software-definable region of interest (ROI), which enables the lidar to achieve an optimized balance between performance and power efficiency across different driving scenarios.

“As the video demonstrates, our Vista-X120 Plus enables adaptive 3D perception capabilities that can truly help vehicles focus on what matters on the road,” said Dr. Dongyi Liao, Chief Technology Officer at Cepton. “Requirements on a lidar’s range, resolution and power consumption vary across different use cases, for example, highway cruising and navigating a busy neighborhood. With a software-definable ROI, Vista-X120 Plus provides an extremely flexible and versatile solution for assisted and autonomous driving.”

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