LiDAR Robot Provides 3D Images

  1. A research team at Missouri University and the University of Missouri have built a very capable LiDAR equipped robot.
  2. It has been successfully used inside caves and to detect structural damage in a disaster relief scenario.
  3. Total cost to assemble was around $25,000. This is the second LiDAR robot in this price range. Commercial vendors take note.

Soldiers and first responders may soon have a better way to evaluate the interior of dangerous structures, thanks to a joint project between Missouri University of Science and Technology and the University of Missouri-Columbia. As part of the project, which began in 2008, students at Missouri S&T have built a remote-controlled robot that is equipped with an infrared camera and LIDAR (light detection and ranging) technology.

The robot has been used inside caves, and to detect structural damage, which could aid in disaster relief situations. The total cost of the the S&T prototype, which weighs approximately 200 pounds, was about $25,000. The researchers envision commercial models being smaller, lighter and more flexible. This is at least the second project like this that has produced a working prototype in this price range.

It may be the university researchers that end up pushing the cost models lower.

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  1. John Raugust says:

    I assume the $25000 is for the robot itself and does not include the LiDAR instrument?

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