Lidar, Radar and Sonar

860 explainer lidarIf you need to explain to someone what the difference is between lidar radar and sonar here it is.

Scientists made up the words radar, sonar and lidar. Each reflects a technology’s usefulness:

·         Radar: ra(dio) d(etection) a(nd) r(anging)

·         Sonar: so(und) na(vigation) (and) r(anging)

·         Lidar: li(ght) d(etection) a(nd) r(anging)

Detection (or navigation) refers to locating objects. Depending on the technology, these objects may be underwater, in the air, on or below the ground, or even in space. Radar, sonar and lidar  can determine an object’s distance, or range. For that measurement, time plays an important role.

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