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Lidar Projection Art From the UK

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Lidar Projection Art

The ghostly prow of the ancient ship hoves into view. Except you’re not watching this from the Round Tower on the seafront – you’re in the nave of St Mary’s Church, Fratton with lidar projection art.

From an article in The News by Chris Broom.

And this is Ship of The Gods, part of the first ever We Shine Portsmouth.

The stunning light and sound installation is inspired by the Norse myth of Skidbladnir, a magical shape-shifting vessel which was large enough to carry all the gods and their equipment yet could be folded up small enough to fit inside a pocket.

Created by renowned Portsmouth-based artists Heinrich & Palmer using 3D laser scanning technology, film and lighting effects, they have drawn on artefacts of maritime culture and 3D Arctic mapping data to reimagine Skidbladnir through the scanned forms of life-size boats and ship models to create an ephemeral vessel of light, which like the mythical ship has the ability to transform and be folded down to move to other places.

Anna Heinrich and Leon Palmer have worked together for 30 years, first meeting while both studying fine art in Cardiff.

They initially set up shop in Newcastle, but moved back to Anna’s home city of Portsmouth in the ’90s, and have been here ever since.

But over that time they have become internationally acclaimed artists for their incredible multi-media installations.

Leon recalls their early years: ‘We started projecting on to buildings a couple of years after Absence of Light – a lot of it was down to opportunity, and how you take those opportunities.

‘We got interested in working in public spaces or sites. We like to respond to sites, or make work that takes into account the site around it – like Ship of The Gods.

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