LiDAR Processing with LAStools

Continuing with the video training theme Martin Isenburg demonstrates how to use his open source LAStools software to process LiDAR data.

Very informative.

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  • Thanks for the plug, Gene. I want to take the opportunity to correct the common miss-conception that LAStools is “free” software. Yes, the library LASlib that is at the core of the LAStools software suite (including the seamless integrated LASzip compressor) does have a license permitting “free” use. And so do many popular tools such as lasinfo, lasview, lasmerge, laszip, las2las, txt2las, lasindex, and lasprecision.

    However, the important production tools such as lasground (bare-earth extraction), lasclassify (finding building and vegetation), lasgrid and las2dem (create DTMs and density rasters), lasboundary, lascontrol and lasoverlap (quality checking), lasheight (point height above ground), lastile (tile-processing), lasclip, lassort, lasthin, … are not “free” for anything but academic research or evaluation purposes. Details can be found in the LICENSE.txt file.

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