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Lidar Only Autonomous Vehicle Permitted in California

image of Vueron California LiDAR only autonomous vehicle
Vueron California LiDAR only autonomous vehicle

LiDAR autonomous vehicle startup Vueron Technology (“Vueron”) has succeeded to obtain a lidar only autonomous vehicle permit that uses only one LiDAR sensor that no one has yet tried in California, where the numerous autonomous vehicle companies are fiercely competing.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles approved LiDAR-only autonomous vehicle testing permits for Vueron.

After that, it succeeded in driving 383 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco via Interstate 5 and Interstate 580, for 6 hours at a maximum speed of 70mph. The safety driver who rode the vehicle for safety never held the steering wheel while a whole driving.

‘LiDAR only autonomous driving permit’ means Vueron is one big step closer to adapting LiDAR, which was expected to be expensive and difficult to apply, effectively to actual autonomous driving services and an everyday life

Generally, diverse sensors are used at the same time for autonomous driving, but Vueron has implemented self-driving by utilizing only one LiDAR sensor and has verified its solution through its self-driving tests in a variety of roadway conditions and environments.

The system of Vueron did not use any camera, radar, GPS, or HD Map, as it only implemented a self-driving system by using only one Spinning LiDAR sensor.

Next quarter, Vueron expects to unveil the next generation of LiDAR autonomous vehicle platforms that can be worked on immediately based on its experiences and technologies of LiDAR. Vueron will provide customers with an affordable price for many people rather than a high price and with a safer driving system through the LiDAR autonomous vehicle platform, which is about to be released in the near future.

For the complete press release on lidar permits CLICK HERE.

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