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“Lidar: One Size Does Not Fit All” Webinar

image of Lidar: One Size Does Not Fit All Webinar
Lidar: One Size Does Not Fit All Webinar

Lumotive, a leading developer of scalable, solid-state LiDAR systems, and market research company Yole Développement today announced the “LiDAR: One Size Does Not Fit All” webinar to be hosted and moderated by leading industry publication LiDAR News on January 21, 2021 at 11:00 AM, Eastern time.

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Ideal for developers of smartphones and industrial or automotive products that can benefit from 3D sensing, this free webinar will discuss:

How to address the ‘holy grail’ of performance, cost and size challenges for different applications

Tradeoffs among approaches from mechanical spinners and MEMs to flash to solid-state

How a standard CMOS approach can help scale solutions to meet specific form-factors

How liquid crystal metasurfaces (LCMs) hold the key to delivering ranges from 10 m to 250 m

The benefits of ‘software defined LiDAR’ to meet design requirements

Webinar speakers include:

Bill Colleran, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO at Lumotive

Alexis Debray, Ph.D., Technology and Market Analyst at Yole Développement

Gene V. Roe, Ph.D., Founder and CEO at LiDAR News

To register for this important webinar CLICK HERE.

About Lumotive

Founded in 2018, Lumotive is a leader in solid-state, 3D-sensing systems, developing high-performance solutions for consumer electronics, industrial automation, robotics and automotive applications. The Seattle-based company’s LiDAR solutions leverage revolutionary beam-steering technology based on patented Liquid Crystal Metasurfaces™ to deliver an unprecedented combination of high performance (as measured by range, resolution and frame rate) and readiness for mass adoption (measured by cost, reliability and size). Lumotive’s random access beam-steering chips enable the industry’s first software-defined LiDAR with region-of-interest scanning, object tracking and advanced perception capabilities. Lumotive’s investors include Bill Gates. For more information, go to www.lumotive.com or to Twitter @LumotiveLidar.

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