Lidar News Today – December 29, 2016

Blog Forum AdWe are wrapping up 2015 with one more, exciting Lidar News Today. This issue includes a couple of the most read stories of the year and a few comments on the big news items in 2015.

I believe the UAV saga is the top story. Hopefully we will soon be able to begin using this disruptive technology on a daily basis. Not far behind UAV’s is the growing interest in the use of what will likely be solid state lidar to support autonomous vehicles.

The Lidar News team wants to say thank you for a great year and we look forward to interacting with many of you in 2016.  We want to remind you to support the newly launched User Forum. Slowly but surely we will build this into your go to location for all 3D related topics. It just takes time and your support. If you have a 3D question please visit the Forum.

Happy New Year!!


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