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Pyramids, Shiny Surfaces and Increased Safety

zamaniIf you are like me you had no idea there was another region of Africa where there were ancient pyramids. It’s in Sudan and Heinz Ruther leader of the Zamani Project explains how he is part of the team that is documenting and restoring these amazing Meroe pyramids.

Have you ever had a problem with scanning shiny surfaces, like the wings on a Gulfstream jet? Learn how this problem and a couple of others were solved by the innovative team at Laser Aviation. As the name implies they specialize in this type of challenging project.

Any time that it is possible to reduce the need for highway surveyors to be working in the right-of-way Caltrans is going to seize the opportunity. That is why they have invested in a mobile mapping system to  collect 3D data on one of the largest road networks in the world.

Where can you learn about all of these topics? Lidar News Today of course – your summary of the 3D news for the week. Enjoy and please tell a friend.

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