Lidar Motorcycle Helmet

mc-motorcycle-helmetI think some version of this type of high tech motorcycle helmet will become a standard over the next few years. The unit is loaded with the latest in digital technology including a rear facing lidar sensor to  help avoid rear end collisions.

The Intelligent Cranium iC-R motorcycle helmet is a design concept stuffed to the gills with futuristic functionality. We’re talking twin full-colour LED heads-up displays, twin rear-facing cameras, built-in Bluetooth communications, phone connectivity, voice controls, LiDAR rear-ender collision warnings, and an electronically controlled LCD visor that tints itself dark at the touch of a button.

It’s a cool video. Looks like the retail will be $1,600 if they can get it to work.

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2 Responses to Lidar Motorcycle Helmet

  1. Klara Swift says:

    The official ic-R motorcycle concept video is very helpful and more informative. I like it that is full of essential things are described in topics.

  2. Mark Kushina says:

    Nice use of technology-as a rider I would get one in a heart beat-once it is proven reliable. I am wondering if the US DOT can fully test a helmet like this and qualify it with their DOT stamp of approval now seen on all other helmets sold in the US

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