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Simon Ritchie has recently created theĀ  Lidar Mapping Google discussion group about the use of Lidar for geographical mapping. He would like to invite you to join.

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Lidar Mapping

For those not familiar with Google groups, they are online discussion forums. The contributions are sent out by email a record of past discussions is made available on the web.

There is a quiet revolution going on in mapping, because research in other sectors such as robotics, driverless cars and drones have bought down the cost of Lidar surveys by orders of magnitude. It looks like the equipment is already cheap enough for small businesses such as building firms to buy their own. It’s still a little expensive for the amateur enthusiast, but that may be about to change.

Having said that, there is also a lot of hype and empty promises.

The group welcomes all sensible contributions to this newly-revitalized field.

There is another Google group simply called Lidar, about all aspects of the subject, but that has not been properly curated and is now full of spam.

For those living or working in London, there is also a new meetup group about remote sensing, including Lidar, Ground-Penetrating Radar and other fun stuff. We plan to meet monthly on a weekday evening, at a venue in central London to be announced.

The group welcomes anybody interested in the subject. To join, you will need to join the website, but that is free. Visit here for the meetup.

Click here for more info.

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