LiDAR Magazine Article Wins Award of Distinction

Kitty Fahey from NOAA’s Coastal Services Center notified us today that her article in the first LiDAR Magazine won an Award of Distinction in the technical writing category from the prestigious 2012 Communicator Awards. Congratulations Kitty and thanks for providing our readers with such quality content.

Kitty has another article scheduled for the next issue of LiDAR Magazine.

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One Response to LiDAR Magazine Article Wins Award of Distinction

  1. Congratulations Kitty! How and where can I find your article and read it?
    I just bought my first LiDAR Leica 3D C10 scanner. Prior to this purchase I was afraid LiDAR would put my 26 year old Land Surveying Company out of business.
    I look forward to learning more about LiDAR!

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