Lidar-guided Robotic Fridge

Imagine walking into your boss’s office to explain that you have a great new idea for a cutting edge, consumer electronics product. When he asks what is you tell him it’s a lidar-guided, robotic refrigerator that can be summoned to deliver cold beer right to your recliner. What?????

In case you think this is a bad April Fools joke, Panasonic unveiled their “Movable Fridge” at the recent IFA show in Berlin, which is Europe’s leading consumer electronics show. It uses LIDAR to map out a person’s living space in delivering its fresh, cool contents to your couch or recliner. Now what respectable man cave can be without one of these?

On a more serious note, Panasonic claims that this idea could be of value to the elderly or handicapped. Click here to see the Movable Fridge in action.

Somehow I think that this is just the start of this use of lidar, especially once we get lost cost, solid state sensors.

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