LiDAR For Dummies Reviewed

As noted in a prior post Autodesk and DLT Solutions have teamed to offer LiDAR for Dummies Special Edition. This free online reference was written by James Young who works for Aerometric – an aerial mapping firm based in Wisconsin.

James has done a great job with this text, but I would caution readers it is not really for “dummies”. There is a lot of really valuable technical information on airborne LiDAR from an operations perspective.

Definitely worth a read.

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7 Responses to LiDAR For Dummies Reviewed

  1. Dave McCafferty says:

    Access denied to Lidar for dummies special edition, am I a dummie?

  2. Roxana Águila says:

    No puedo descargarlo, aparece el error 404

  3. David L Toth says:

    I cannot access “Lidar for Dummies” what can you do?

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