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Phoenix Lidar Systems recently announced the release of their Phoenix Flight Planner that can be used to optimize your LiDAR mission parameters before you fly.

The beta software allows to calculate your flight plan, review estimated LiDAR data quality, and upload a terrain-following KMZ directly to your UAV.

You can also explore the effects that different parameters have on your data before you fly, estimate your data quality and reduce costs by experimenting with various flight paths, altitudes, and other variables using the Phoenix Flight Planner.

The Flight Planner allows you to:

Calculate your flight plan based on your area of interest (AOI).
Estimate your LiDAR swath and point density based on terrain, speed, and more.
Anticipate MTA zones that may affect data quality, especially in uneven terrain.
Upload a terrain-following KMZ directly to your UAV.

There are plans to release a flight planner for photogrammetry missions as well.

Have a look at this informative video.

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