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Lidar for Drone Conference – Products and Case Studies

The YellowScan Lidar for Drone 2019 Conference delivered a high value mix of technical product information and detailed case studies. Congratulations to the team and the partners for a great learning experience.

ELidar for Drone Conferencentrance to

Lidar for Drone Conference

As mentioned in a previous blog post the investment, technical skills, training and education required for UAS lidar services are not a simple upgrade from UAV photogrammetry – they are orders of magnitude greater.

There are a number of systems that need to be integrated from multiple manufacturers, including GNSS, the UAS platform, the inertial navigation and of course the lidar sensor.

The ability to deliver on this challenging, systems integration effort in a reliable, fail-safe and cost effective manner is what draws demanding customers to YellowScan. Bottom line – you can count on their systems to work when you get in the field – period.

The conference itself was attended by over 150 people from a number of countries. In addition to an overview of the YellowScan product line, RIEGL and Velodyne made presentations as they OEM their sensors to YellowScan. In fact, only the original YellowScan product uses a YellowScan lidar.

The case studies demonstrated a wide range of applications including construction, wetlands management, forestry, highways, archaeology, disaster recovery and more. There was a lot of time for networking and the occasional glass of wine was consumed

Photo of Lidar for Drone Demo of iShell

Lidar for Drone Demo of iShell


Two of the more interesting products that were introduced were a fixed-wing VTOL system from Quantum-Systems and a dual purpose UAS and mobile mapping system, the iShell from an Italian company MicroGeo.

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