Lidar Data via a Subscription Model

This innovative business model – data-as-a-service (DaaS) – is being used in the area around Perth, Australia to offer local governments lidar-derived, 3D data via a recurring subscription model. This can make a lot of sense from a budget planning perspective while helping to insure that data remains current and accessible.

Mapping specialist Pointerra (ASX: 3DP) is partnering with Total Earth Solutions (TES) by signing its first “data marketplace and business partnership” agreement with the Australian multidisciplinary geoscience group.

The deal marks a significant milestone for Pointerra having designed a cloud service platform facilitating access to very large 3D datasets without the need for high-performance computing.

According to the terms of the deal, TES will use its lidar- equipped aircraft to conduct a local government area survey in and around Perth in WA, producing a highly accurate aerial 3D dataset.

Pointerra will be responsible for managing the raw data obtained by TES and making it available for sale via its cloud platform using a subscription revenue model.

“When we conceived the business model for Pointerra back in 2015 we envisaged a data marketplace where Pointerra customers could offer access to 3D data. We also thought that entrepreneurial and forward-thinking capture companies would seek to leverage our innovative cloud platform for 3D data by owning and selling access to 3D data via a recurring subscription model,” said Ian Olson, Managing Director of Pointerra. The two firms will split the revenue.

This could be a glimpse into the future as this data is needed to support smart cities and driverless vehicles.


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