LiDAR Course and LAS Utility

  1. Penn State will begin to offer an online LiDAR course in the fall.
  2. There is an online quiz to see if you are qualified.
  3. libLAS is an alternative to LASUtility, and it’s FREE.

Thanks to all for the feedback on recent posts. Two areas that I want to highlight.

The first is a LiDAR course being offered this fall through Penn State continuing education. It is clear that a lot of work has gone into the preparation of this course. The description states that the course does not have any specific pre-requisites, but that it does require a knowledge of remote sensing, topographic mapping and GIS. As the course name implies there is an emphasis on aerial LiDAR.

To check whether you have the background knowledge a free, anonymous 20 question interactive quiz is provided. If you can get 16 out of 20 correct then you are in good shape. I got a 17, and I don’t think one of the questions on map scale was fair! This would certainly qualify as an important educational opportunity for those looking to become more involved with LiDAR. Kudos to all those involved in making this happen.


Shifting gears, I heard from a couple of people that there is an alternative to the LASUtility discussed yesterday. This is libLAS and as I think I have noted in the past it is freely distributed. As one of the authors, Howard Butler pointed out in his comment, work is continuing to improve the functionality of the library, and although there is no visualization or GUI, which I think some people would find valuable, it does not take long to recoup your investment.

Receiving your feedback makes this a lot more interesting.

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