LiDAR Chip Set For Crash Avoidance

Photo Courtesy of Continental

The use of LiDAR technology is moving further into the consumer market. An Austrian company recently announced that their ASIC chip set has been selected by a major supplier of automotive Laser-based obstacle recognition systems (LIDAR) and that they are entering high volume production.

The unit is mounted in the rear view mirror and looks forward with approximately an 8 meter range. If an object is detected within that distance automatic braking is applied. Since light travels a distance of 30 cm in only one nanosecond, very high speed measurement technology is needed.

Austrianmicrosystems chip set has been selected by Continental to be their supplier for this new product. The safety feature is branded by OEMs as “city-safety” or “active city stop”. LIDAR systems are among the first active safety features coming into volume production.

It was the automotive market that made GPS a household word. Will it do the same for LiDAR?

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1 Response to LiDAR Chip Set For Crash Avoidance

  1. Tom Laux says:

    It makes total sense for LiDAR to be chosen for this type of application. Given the 8 meter limited range, it is likely they are using a CMOS detector and a non-eye-safe laser that need attenuation, thus limiting the range.

    But, still, your comment about GPS is right on.

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