Lidar Bees

robo beesResearchers at the University of Buffalo in New York believe they can develop a micro – lidar that can be used as the eyes in robot bees.

“Essentially, it’s the same technology that automakers are using to ensure that driverless cars don’t crash into things,” says University at Buffalo computer scientist Karthik Dantu. “Only we need to shrink that technology so it works on robot bees that are no bigger than a penny.”

Ah yes, only.

The UB-led research project, funded by a $1.1 million National Science Foundation grant, includes researchers from Harvard University and the University of Florida. It is an offshoot of the RoboBee initiative, led by Harvard and Northeastern University, which aims to create insect-inspired robots that someday may be used in agriculture and disaster relief.

The technology the team develops likely won’t be limited to robot insects. The sensors could be used, among other things, in wearable technology; endoscopic tools; and smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

I am sure it could.


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