Lidar for Automotive Safety Apps

leddartech-lidarLeddarTech has unveiled key insights about its LeddarCore integrated circuits roadmap, which the company says is set to enable low-cost, high-performance solid-state LiDARs for multiple automotive safety applications – from advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) to autonomous driving.

During the Sensors Expo held in San Jose, LeddarTech’s management confirmed that two LeddarCore IC programs are in the works: the LC-A2, targeting the automation layers 1 to 3, with the first samples scheduled for the second half of 2017, and the LC-A3, which will meet the specifications for automation layers 2 to 4, with an expected sample availability in 2018.

This next-generation LeddarCore ICs enables:
•Affordable ADAS and autonomous functions, where LiDAR replaces or complements camera and/or radar
•High-density 3D point cloud LiDAR for higher levels of autonomous driving
•Support for both flash and beam steering LiDAR

With ranges reaching 250 m, a field of view up to 140º, and up to 480,000 points per second (with a resolution down to 0.25º both horizontal and vertical), the LeddarCore ICs will enable the design of affordable LiDARs for all levels of autonomous driving, including the capability to map the environment over 360 degrees around the vehicle.

Analysts expect LiDARs to become a central element of the autonomous car’s sensor suite. The chipsets’ raw data output will make them perfectly suited for advanced sensor fusion solutions that combine data from various types of sensors to provide a holistic perceptual mapping of a vehicle’s surroundings.

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