LiDAR and the Warfighter

At the recent Esri User Conference I re-connected with a group that is part of the US Army Corps of Engineers. They used to be known as the Topographic Engineering Center, but there name has been changed to the Army Geospatial Center to better reflect their broader mission.

I got to know them when I worked with Flight Landata the company that developed what is now known as the Buckeye sensor system. LiDAR sensors were not part of the original Buckeye; in the early development it was a multispectral sensor with a black and white camera, but LiDAR it is now a critical component of the system.

The key message here is that through the use of the Buckeye, an unclassified system and LiDAR technology the warfighter is much better informed about the areas that they are being asked to enter, and that is a good thing.

This article in the Got Geoint? blog and this one inĀ  Government Computer News provide a lot more detail.

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