Lidar and sUAS

PHLidar-1024x768If you are interested in the use of lidar with a sUAS Matt Coleman from PrecisionHawk has written an informative article on the topic.

As he notes, “The fact that LiDAR is still a relatively heavy sensor with high power consumption compared to standard cameras, means aerial LiDAR for drones is going to continue to be specialized at its start. There is a misconception that you can buy an off the shelf drone or an off the shelf LiDAR and just start flying.”

“At this stage in technology development, LiDAR mapping requires a specialized drone equipped with dual frequency GPS and inertial measurement unit along with a configured sensor to work with that specific drone. In the future, it will absolutely become more of an out of the box solution, but at this point, particularly due to the complexity of collecting the data from the drone and the complexity of working with the data, it is recommended if you want to get into this space you should rely on one of the few companies who have done the testing and refined it,” Matt explained.

Riegl and LiDARUSA are two that offer commercial systems.

The following is a well done video from DataMapper showing how UAS technology is going to change the mapping world.


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