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Lidar and Ice Hockey

image of lidar and ice hockey

Detection and classification at high speed are crucial for prominent use cases such as automated vehicles, industrial applications, or robotics, and can only be achieved by high performance lidar and perception. Hence, we assumed ice hockey, renowned for its rapid pace and intricate maneuvers, would find a great ally in lidar technology! Lidar and ice hockey may seem like a strange combination, but as you will see with the right sensor and software it can work.

From MicroVision.

No sooner said than done: MicroVision put on skates, went on ice, and brought together the fastest medium in the world with the nimblest team sport. The intention? Pushing the boundaries of accuracy and redefining the limits of velocity.

During a game of demanding athleticism, MOVIA™ L accurately tracked constant player movements, puck trajectories, and overall game dynamics with unparalleled precision. It captured data at remarkable speeds and proved precise classification and tracking capabilities also in extreme conditions. With the ability to function in temperatures ranging from -40° to +85°, MOVIA™ L succeeds even within the freezing environment of an ice rink. This adaptability ensures uninterrupted and reliable data collection at all times.

With over 350 employees and offices in Redmond, Detroit, Hamburg, and Nuremberg, MicroVision is a pioneer in MEMS-based laser beam scanning technology integrating MEMS, lasers, optics, hardware, algorithms and machine learning software into proprietary technology to address existing and emerging markets.

They develop automotive lidar sensors and provide solutions for advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), autonomous vehicles, and non-automotive applications. They leverage their experience building augmented reality microdisplay engines, interactive display modules, and consumer lidar components.

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