LiDAR Aids Urban Reforestation

rsz_01-digital-tree-mapping-urbanism-landscape-archpaper-nycTrees and cities in many cases are like oil and water – they don’t mix very well, but the benefits to the earth’s climate from urban reforestation can be significant. That’s why Jarlath O”Neil-Dunne, contributing author to LiDAR News and his team at the University of Vermont’s Spatial Analysis Lab are using LiDAR to help cities to better manage urban reforestation projects.

One of these is called the MillionTreesNYC. Jarlath and his team are using the ability of airborne LiDAR to penetrate canopies and overcome shadowing in order to provide the scientific information needed to make better decisions. The New York City effort is nearing its goal of 1 million with almost 800,000 trees planted to date.

Kudos to all involved in this environmental important effort.

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