LiDAR – Accuracy vs. Resolution

Here is an excellent, brief discussion of the issues surrounding accuracy and resolution as it applies to airborne LiDAR and coastal mapping. The ability to resolve objects is directly related to the spacing of LiDAR points. The smaller the object you are trying to find the closer the point spacing has to be. The accuracy of a measurement is quite different – it is the nearness to the truth.

Seems simple enough, but it can be confusing.

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  1. Richard Richmond says:

    Goos as far as it goes, but doesn’t address range resolution – the ability to detect 2 surfaces within a single IFOV and pulse and to measure the distance separating them. And since accuracies are often presented as statistical values, any stated accuracies should also include some info on the variances in those measurements. And to muddy the water more, may want to expand the discussion to include range precision too.

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