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LevelS3D Delivered Beyond Spec Using Mobile Lidar

Photo of Metro Station LevelS3D Delivered Using NavVis M6

LevelS3D Delivered Using NavVis M6

LevelS3D delivered results that exceeded the project requirements on a recent project where they mapped a Paris metro station using the NavVis M6.

LevelS3D is a French company founded in 2012 which develops 3D scanning applications for the next-gen tablets and smartphones, currently publishing a new pre-modeling point cloud web application.

LevelS3D is a NavVis mapping partner and recently had the opportunity to take on a surveying project from RATP Group, the Paris public transport operator and maintainer.

The first contact with RATP took place at the VivaTech event in Paris in 2018, where LevelS3D showcased their high-end indoor 3D scan service offering. After recognizing the potential, RATP Group assigned the first ever digitization project of a metro station in Paris to our NavVis partner.

The project goals were to:

Map the République metro station.
Create an inventory of 360° panoramic images to help identify and assess water seepages.
Provide remote access to allow remote inspection of the site.

The bigger the project, the bigger the challenge!

République station is one of the largest metro stations of the RATP network. The complex character of such a heavily frequented space, creates a few challenges:

Large and complex area – 12,000 sqm, spread out across a wide system of corridors of different sizes and shapes, connecting the whole station on multiple levels.

Short time frame for capturing the data. Closing the station for the scanning project was not an option as it would have required an immense effort and cost for RATP.

Multiple security and access constraints for streaming the flow of people in and out of the station on a daily basis.

A complex environment requires versatile 3D scanning equipment

LevelS3D leveraged the NavVis M6 Indoor Mobile Mapping System for the scanning project, as it was the best option to fulfil all the customer requirements regarding data quantity, quality and time investment.

In preparation for executing the indoor scanning, RATP provided 2D floor plans and route instructions to ensure the whole area was covered in the fastest way possible. In addition, one on-site inspection was conducted beforehand.

The on-site scanning process

On the first day, the mobility of NavVis M6 allowed for a continuous scanning process throughout the whole station. Thanks to the 6D SLAM technology and the ability to adjust the device’s height and width, scanning uneven ramps and narrow spaces were obstacles easy to tackle.

Two nights were allocated for the scanning process, from 1 am to 5 am, when the station is closed. The allotted time was sufficient, considering NavVis M6’s capability of scanning up to 30,000 sqm per day.

NavVis M6 has four laser scanners gathering point cloud data and six cameras taking high-resolution images of the surroundings simultaneously. This enabled LevelS3D to capture all the data in one scanning process.

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