Levels of Driving Automation

Unlike many technical markets, such as the lidar and laser scanning  industry there is good news when it comes to a standard for describing levels of driving automation. The consumer markets have learned that developing and agreeing on standards, especially in emerging industries will benefit all parties and lead to increased productivity.

The standard in question is SAE J3016 (https://www.sae.org/misc/pdfs/automated_driving.pdf). SAE International is an automotive organization that promulgates standards for the automotive industry and more. You may have seen it when purchasing automotive oil.

The J3016 standard creates a taxonomy and definitions for terms related to on-road motor Vehicle Automated Driving Systems.

The levels are:

Level 0 – No Automation

Level 1 – Driver Assistance

Level 2 – Partial Automation

Level 3 – Conditional Automation

Level 4 – High Automation

Level 5 – Full Automation

In the first three levels a human has primary responsibility. In the last three the computer is in charge. Can you imagine this industry without standards?

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