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Level 3 Autonomous Vehicle Development

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Just a decade ago, the concept of self-driving cars might have seemed like something out of a science fiction movie, but now so much progress is being made that tangible steps are putting more and more autonomous vehicles on the road. The latest example is the partnership between BMW Group and Innoviz Technologies to bring Level 3 autonomous driving to more vehicles through the development of next-generation LiDAR sensors.

From an article in ZDNet by Sabrina Ortiz.

Level 3 autonomy is where the vehicle can perform dynamic driving without human intervention. Tesla’s Autopilot (for highways) and Full Self-Driving (for regular roads) have been stuck at Level 2 for years, despite many optimistic predictions from CEO Elon Musk that Tesla would reach Level 3 or above soon.

BMW and Innoviz have worked together for several years on LiDAR-enabled, highly automated technology that will be available on the BMW 7 Series later this year. The two companies are expanding their collaboration and focusing on second generation LiDAR technology with a B-sample phase, which is the stage of vehicle testing where the sample is incorporated into demo vehicles.

The results of the first phase will determine whether BMW Group will enter a serial development agreement with Innoviz with the purpose of bringing advanced automated capabilities to a broader range of vehicles in the BMW lineup, according to the release.

“We are very pleased to have Innoviz develop the first B-samples of this new LiDAR generation and hope that the results of the B-sample phase create a basis for a possible future extension of our collaboration,” said Nicolai Martin, SVP Driving Experience BMW Group.

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