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Leica UC Wrap Up and Revit PC Feature

  1. The last day was as good as the first. Word from the feedback session was the majority of the requests were software related.
  2. Dr. Hesse is using a phase based scanner turned on its side in 2D mode to record structure deformations in real time under dynamic loads.
  3. They are using scanning and other remote sensing techniques to search for a missing da Vinci painting.
  4. Quantapoint announced integration support for point cloud images in Revit.

I had hoped to get this out yesterday, but the old red eye did me in. The final day continued the run of information-packed sessions. This, plus the networking are the keys to the event. If you want to see the “state of the art” in laser scanning around the world, then this is the place. A quick aside – word was that the “closed to the press” feedback session resulted in a lot more software requests than hardware. It appears that the C 10 is meeting the innovation need for now.

A quick recap of a couple of the more interesting sessions. The first was the use of phase based scanners to record structure deformations under dynamic loads. To accomplish this Dr. Hesse had to turn the scanner on its side, use it in the 2D mode, and in some cases the 1D mode. This allowed him to repeatedly scan a single line or point on the structural element as the loads were being applied. A couple of the projects that he studied involved gates on locks that were getting stuck.

As Geoff Jacobs revealed he always keeps one of the most interesting projects for the last presentation, and this was no exception. Mike Olsen from Oregon State University and formerly UC San Diego reported on the search for perhaps the most famous, and missing da Vinci painting. The main group associated with this is CISA 3 – the Center for Interdisciplinary Science Art, Architecture and Archaeology, which is part of UCSD. This is a very high powered visualization group. Through the use of scanning, X-ray, tomagraphy, and infra-red they believe they may have found “The Battle of Anghiari.

Just  a quick heads up on this one. Quantapoint just announced their ability to support point clouds inside Revit. I have an email in to find out more about this “integration”, as it is being billed. This is potentially an important announcement as it represents a possible software link between laser scanning and BIM. Stay tuned, or if you find out more let us all know.

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