Leica UC 2009 Media Portal

  1. As promised the Leica UC sessions are now available on line. Access is via your local Leica HDS sales rep.
  2. Most of the event was filmed and recorded.
  3. The pricing is very reasonable and if you qualify worth the time.

As promised by myself and Geoff Jacobs the recently completed UC sessions are now available as a webcast. That was fast. In order to obtain access you will need to contact your local Leica Geosystems HDS sales rep. In case you have not been lucky enough to meet Geoff, now you can at least say that you know what he looks like. That’s him on the landing page.

There are a small number of concurrent sessions that were not recorded and some other details , such as video clips that were part of presentations, but for the most part the content of this highly educational conference is now available for purchase. For attendees the price is a very reasonable, “free” – hard to argue with that, and for non-attendees it is only $195.

Please note that access is limited to existing Leica customers, employees, and partners. If you are considering making a purchase of Leica scanners you can submit a request for approval to obtain access. This would be well worth the effort.

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