Leica HDS UC Day 1

Just returning from a fun evening at a local winery where we also played boccie ball. You won’t get in shape playing that sport, but the group had a lot of fun.

Juergen Dold, CEO of Leica Geosystems gave a spirited welcome and conference kick-off. He reported that business has turned up since 2008 and that he is “carefully optimistic” about the future. The C10 laser scanner has been a huge success, and the Intergraph deal has received all of the regulatory approvals. The corporate vision is to “turn the static map into an activity”.

The user presentations included a fire and explosives expert, how to start a laser scanning business, a presentation on Leica’s new point cloud engine, a metal panel fabricator who cut errors to zero, monitoring carbon emissions, mapping high speed highway crash scenes, a user-developed mobile mapping system that does not require ground control to achieve engineering grade results, and the use of TruView in the nuclear power plant industry.

The luncheon keynote on the scanning of Mt. Rushmore this summer was incredible. CyArk and Scotland’s Centre for Digital Documentation and Visualization have set the standard for how to complete a project of this magnitude.

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