Learn Mobile Lidar

Are you looking for a detailed overview of mobile lidar as it applies to transportation applications, then I have some good news for you. As part of the team that developed  NCHRP Report No. 748 we were asked to create this eLearning website to stimulate interest in the technology and assist managers, in particular, with coming up to speed on the appropriate use of and expectations for mobile lidar.

The website provides access to the Report itself as well as a number of references such as state and national survey specifications, a detailed literature review and perhaps the most helpful, a series of eLearning modules with test questions at the end of each section.

There is still a long way to go for mobile lidar and 3D technology to become accepted and utilized to the fullest extent in major transportation organizations, but progress is being made. In some respects, collecting the data is the easy part. It’s turning that data into actionable information that is the challenge.



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