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Learn How to Increase Productivity with Drone – Based Lidar

Image of drone Learn How  to Increase Productivity with Drone-Based Lidar

Learn How to Increase Productivity with Drone-Based Lidar

Join Microdrones for their next Wednesday Webinar on August 21 at 9 AM EDT and 6 PM EDT, to learn about the benefits of the mdLiDAR3000.

Rome, NY– Join Microdrones for their next Wednesday Webinar and learn how Morris P. Hebert Inc. (MPH) increased their corridor mapping productivity from 1 mile/day to 3 to 4 miles/day, while also simplifying the photogrammetry processing in the office and providing a denser LiDAR dataset.

During the webinar, they will also examine the differences and benefits of the Microdrones’ mdLiDAR1000 and mdLiDAR3000.

In this one-hour webinar Microdrones will cover:

  • The challenges of implementing drone-based LiDAR and how to overcome them
  • Evaluate the benefits of drone-based LiDAR
  • How MPH increased their productivity and workflow in UAS LiDAR corridor mapping
  • Invitation to Special Offer for attendees only

Seats are limited and issued on a first come, first serve basis to the first 500 professionals to register. We look forward to welcoming you to the world of drone-based LiDAR!

Live Webinar Date and Times: Wednesday, August 21st, 9:00AM EDT or 6:00PM EDT.

Click here or copy this link to Register: https://lp.microdrones.com/how-to-increase-productivity-with-drone-based-lidar-webinar/?utm=lidarnews

About MPH Inc.

MPH has been providing client focused solutions since 1980. They offer professional services, complete with experienced and knowledgeable personnel and state of the art equipment, to assist clients with the successful execution and completion of their surveying, engineering and construction projects. 

About Microdrones

Founded in Germany in 2005, Microdrones developed the world’s first commercial quadcopter and the company continues to lead the industry with their professional UAV solutions.

By pairing robust drones with cutting-edge sensors, Microdrones offers advanced turn-key solutions that make it easy for businesses to start using UAVs for surveying, mapping, construction, inspection, precision agriculture, mining, and other commercial applications. A heritage of quality German engineering, extra-long flight times, resistance to environmental challenges, and technology like direct georeferencing make Microdrones solutions exceptionally safe, efficient, and cost-effective choices for commercial users.

Microdrones serves markets around the globe. To learn more about Microdrones, visit www.microdrones.com.

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