1. LASUtility is a software that offers a number of handy tools for working with LAS data.
  2. These include trimming and stitching, as well as graphical display for those who cannot even open an LAS file.
  3. The licensing needs to be investigated in more detail.

It appears that this software – LASUtility has been around for a number of years, but I just became aware of it based on a recent article in the GIM -International Newsletter. Some of the justification for its use seems to be a bit dated, but I think most of the arguments are still valid. The authors are B. Lohani and R. K. Mishra. Dr. Lohani is an Associate Professor at the Indian Institute of Technology.

The software appears to offer a number of handy functions that can make working with LAS files less painful. For instance, the ability to trim an LAS file, and stitch multiple files/tiles into one file. For those who do not have software that can read an LAS file of course the real value is in the graphical display of the data. Unfortunately most of the people who would appreciate this information are probably not readers of this blog, but perhaps we can spread the word.

There seems to be one catch – the licensing. From what I can see the software can be downloaded for free for 5 days at a time. I assume it times out after that, but it appears that you can download the software again, or purchase a perpetual license. The license fee is stated as a contribution of “around USD$200”. To clarify this I would suggest contacting Dr. Lohani directly.

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7 Responses to LASUtility

  1. libLAS, which is free as in libre and free as in beer, has the ability to stitch multiple LAS files together, I/O to and from ASCII, or convert to shapefiles when combined with GDAL/OGR. The next version will include support for writing to Oracle Point Cloud tables, spatial indexing of LAS files for fast query, and conversion from TerraSolid .bin format to LAS (1.0-1.3).

    There’s no visualization, and there is no GUI (command-line only), but if you spend a little bit of time with libLAS, you should be able to recoup your costs quite quickly 🙂

  2. wolfsnipes says:

    Why would one use LasUtility as opposed to liblas?

  3. wolfsnipes says:

    sorry didn’t see howards comment above

  4. Avan says:

    You can also download free 3D LIDAR Viewer from VirtualGeomatics web page which carries lots of on-the-fly functionality and caters different las formats. That web page also carries information about their other stand-alone products as well.

  5. Marcelo says:

    I’m relatively new to LiDAR, but apparently Fusion/LDV has a bunch of functionality, and it is FREE…
    Correct me if i’m wrong…

  6. LAStools (http::// contains some interesting commandline tools for working with LAS files. The file names give away what the tools are doing: las2dem.exe, larmerge.exe, las2tin.exe, lasinfo.exe, lasthin.exe, lasmerge.exe, las2txt.exe, txt2las.exe … some of these tools are also part of the LASlib package that Howard mentioned above …

  7. LASUTility is free-absolutely. Only we need to know who works with this so we can send new versions. The latest version has better 3D display of data. Earlier was slow and not much functional for displaying data in graphical form. LASUtility does not require one to know any programming languages as you can use this directly.

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